In the last years, painting was able to unite with the new digital format given by the technological evolution to the extent of defining the interdisciplinary outline of what I have defined as "redelighted image". This intangible technology has opened the doors to an image development where we observe a recovery of prodigious values and rituals that connect the new era to a premodern past, reemerging old archetypes and a new collective dimension where the individual lives through the look and laws from others.


A young, mature and professionally developed artist like Thomas Li Vigni allies his vivid inspiration with digital images. Such work is conducted not in order to flatten the reality, as it happened to Italy, but to make the inner being communicate with the exterior in a scope fulfilled by the will to narrate and to highlight the symbolic aspect we share, favoring an imaginative fragment as an element suitable to shine a light on the complexity.


Li Vigni's works go beyond the descriptive digital format. His paintings are printed on Plexiglas or PVC canvas and then undergo other procedures to become real installations, like his series "Segmented Faces", one of his distinctive works. From a first hand draft on paper, which brings his strong lines, Li Vigni turns to a digital finishing. The final piece is astonishing: the artist succeeds to give a real morphology of expressions bringing hidden aspects of personality that cannot be perceived at first sight. In his own words, Li Vigni's described the digital channel as the "future of painting".


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Edoardo Di Mauro, June 2014.



12th Istanbul Biennial of Art



"Nudo Virile

con Corona d'Alloro"


Ex Lavatoi of Cuneo



Live exhibition

Speed Painting session


Pinacoteca Albertina



"A Fior di Pelle"





Live exhibition

Speed Painting session


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